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Cimi Uuk
Modern Physics taking down obsolete paradigms. Miko Kaku explains to those whom has no understanding of the material; he's oversimplifying complex ideas so we can feel like we understand him. And *even if* he had "no idea" what he was talking about, it's a moot point: he's not an innovator, he's a popularizer; a recruiter who's very good at what he does. And given the dearth of hard science majors these days, I'd say the scientific world *needs* good recruiters. What's next? "Carl Sagan was an irrelevant dumbass?"

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Cimi Uuk

After some research about my cameras possible failures or filter malfunctioning, I dared to discard Sundogs as the issue triggering this Double Sun phenomenon I am able to read, register and take photo from.

Many of you would find a more proper answer to this Double Sun phenomenon in Astronomy. I have researched how this Double Sun phenomenon can get linked to any of the already well known Solar and Optic Phenomenons and the results weren´t as filling as I would have desired. Well, I learnt, but if the answer is here I haven´t understand it yet.

What I think it is not:

1- A Sundog (the most probable cause so far, but not convincing yet):

Sundogs in Fargo, North Dakota. Taken February 18th, 2009. Gopherboy6956

When sunlight passes through the sides of a flat crystal, both the angle of the sun rays and the orientation of the crystals affects the shape and colour of the sun dogs. Misaligned or wobbling crystals produce colourful and elongated sun dogs, while light passing through the crystal in non-optimal deviation angles (up to 50°) produces the "tail" of the sun dog stretching away from the sun. As refraction is dependent on wavelength, the sun dogs tend to have red inner edges while the colours farther from the sun tend to be more bluish-white as colours increasingly overlap.

When the sun is low, the two sun dogs are located on the circle of the 22° halo. As the sun rises, the sun dogs slowly move along the parhelic circle away from the sun, finally to vanish as the sun reaches 61° over the horizon.

On Earth, the first planet (counting from the sun) with significant amounts of ice crystal-carrying clouds, the pair of sun dogs flanking the sun are aligned with the horizon. On other planets and moons where water and ice are less prevalent, however, various crystal structures produce different halos. On the giant gas planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune—other crystals form the clouds of ammonia, methane, and other substances that can produce halos with four or more sun dogs.

22° Halo, sundog (parhelion), parhelic circle, and possible Lowitz arc. Antarctica south Pole Station. Taken November 9th, 2005. NOAA


Sun Dogs seems to follow simetrical paterns, mostly around the parhelic circle, and they also shown better before crystal-carrying clouds presence. My testimonial was first taken the 31 May, and the same phenomenon repeated the following three days in a row. It was Mid-Spring and there were some 20´ish degrees celsius in the ambience. Could the atmosphera upper shapes be so cold or icy such days? Anyway there weren´t clouds at all or just a little few. It was a rare and pretty much clear day.

The images I took show this Phenomenon Halo-Free. Absolute absence of Halos. In this sense and taking into consideration other kind of sundogs manifestations, time of the year, ambience temperature and light angle approach at dusk, I would say, but it hasn´t been proved yet, that the phenomenon taken by my cameras IS NOT a sundog.

Besides, as I already have said, both cameras were in pristine condition, crystal clear lenses and inner mirrors or protective shields free of any sort of dust or particle being able for triggering any parasite light.

This is a video I found in the Internet that maybe could respond to what a sundog is:

2- A Light Aberration bouncing back from the interior of my cameras (the 2nd most probable cause for this, though I doubt it.):

I leave this open so far as it is my current area of study. I have not answer for this yet. will eventually arrive...

3- A Parasite Light (a proven remote explanation as I used Lenses Hood also):

Most of the explanations for Optics and Optical phenomena can be found here. I couldn´t find the phenomena matching the one taken on my photos so far. I´d appreciate a Professional Photographer´s opninion. I really have not time to study a career in Optics so your opinions would be very welcome here. Anyway I promise I will research.

I discarded the childish and easy reflection given by the Sun this time of the day over the lenses. This would be a dogdgy trick for those in search of Nibiru or those who want to see what they actually want to see instead of the truth, abandoning further search or research.

You can easily play yourself around with those funny effects. You can see two suns, three suns.. an assorted feast of amazing and spectacular reflections. You can even see Santa or the Three Wise Kings crossing about if you want (don´t forget your mushrooms that day!) . Just move your lenses around and... Voila! Magic! You get what you want!

4- An Albedo (Measure of the reflecting power of a non-luminous object, such as a planet, moon, or asteroid)

So it is unlikely the existance of Nibiru or Planet X.

To get an albedo, you need an object behind the Sun (Or anywhere else) being lighted by the Sun. THERE´S NO OBJECT BEHIND THE SUN, as you can test yourself if you choose the proper filter, as a radiography could do.

Once you block many of the vawelengths through heavy filters, you can clearly see that there´s nothing behind the Sun. If something were here, you could still be able to get some reflection from such object.

Trying with different filters and intesities, no Heavy Filter were able to read any sort of "Second Sun".

5-Double Refraction:

Also called birefringence, the splitting of a light wave into two waves, traveling at different speeds, by an optically anisotropic medium such as a crystal of Iceland spar (calcite), quartz, or topaz. In the phenomenon of double refraction a ray of unpolarized light is split into two rays plane-polarized (see polarization) at right-angles to each other. One is refracted in the normal way, the other with a refractive index that depends on the original direction of the ray.

Photo: David Darling

As I took my photos trying every possibility, filter mounted and filter off, I can say that this hypothesis isn´t an answer for me.

This hypothesis takes into account light travelling through crystals, like my lenses, which can contain some quartz or calcite. I doubt topaz. I will investigate what my lenses are made of, but I dont care too much regarding this Double Refraction Issue as this effect applies for unpolarized light, and my photos are best taken with a Polarizing Filter on. Is when I obtained better results.

It could happen that the amount of calcite in my lenses, if any, was already polarizing light, but as I do not obtain results at all without the Polarizing Filter, I also discard a built-in Pre-Polarization of light given by this supposed Calcite-made lenses. (I will ask an optician or somebody like that anyway). Because this phenomena also happens on unpolarized light and as far as I understand this principle of light, I would myself discard this option and make sure my lenses probably dont contain calcite.

What I think It Could be:

1- POLARIZATION (A condition in which electromagnetic waves are constrained to vibrate in a certain plane or planes):

Many people had seen this phenomenon without Polarizing Filters at all. Once understood the previous concept "Double Refraction", we can prove them wrong or at least we can argue a very convincing story to make them think they are wrong.

The question is, why some people sees with or without Polarizer? The results are the same. We have "apparently" two Suns. Either to the right, to the left, a little bit lower, a little bit up, but just a little at the end of the day.

The readings follow the same pattern for those who can see the phenomena through their Polarizing Filters or through their naked eyes. It just doesn´t move! It is still there. It is Big, Impressive, kinda greyish compared to the light of he sun. It brights, but it has a weird bright as if it wasn´t actually a Sun. Fact by the way, you confirm when you apply Heavy Filters or by a Coronography. There´s nothing out there but when you apply the proper filter (still, want to understand how people makes to look with their naked eyes into the Sun and how it does happen to them). You go back to the filter and there it comes again. As an Apocalyptic view.

Well, what a Polarizer does? It basically filters electromagnetic vawelenghts and let only the inciding vawelenght passing through the angle given by the Polarizer passing through the lense to the film, mirror or CCD. Because an image is worth a thousand words:

Source:David Darling

As we can understand from this picture, evey light gets blocked but the one that passes through the angle given.

So, what frequency is that? What are our cameras reading? Could it be an electromagnetic source ? Where does it come from? No from the Sun, that´s clear. What nature is it made of? It looks like coming from "behindish" the Sun. Would something be behind the Sun? What is this really?

According to this, what we see isn´t "normal" light. What we see would be an electromagnetic signal through filtering. The light we can see through our naked eye gathers a limited electromagnetic spectrum, we are not able to see radio waves, UV vawes... all those out of our range of vision.

Could a Polarizer filter somehow let us see gamma radiation or residuals vawes of any kind?

Regarding people who watches this through the naked eye, I just can find an explanation on wheather conditions, as light could become polarized by foggy or icy conditions. So I think I see in the "Sunset in Devon" , case and as we have already seen it could happen under Sundogs conditions also. Let´s watch more and more Sundogs to discard our images.

But I do not discard the possibility either, that this man, who Misteriously posted ONLY one video celebrating such event (As I do with my blog but a bit more extensivily) , what actually saw was a Sundog. His video was first uploaded un Frebuary 2008, the atmosphera was surely colder and such Latitudes (50N) undoubtely made a much colder atmosphera. Ice crystals surely were on suspension those days. The Met Office confirms there were 7.9 days of frost air.

However, what made me jump from the chair was the incredible coincidence with what I saw. Same behaviour, same pattern. His Sun was further down, mine were shifting from right to left along different days. Esentially I was watching the same thing in this video.

As my days had 99% clear blue skyes, I can´t find the relation to sundogs anymore here. These are two diametrally opossed wheather conditions and time of the year also, so temperature and angle of light because of our position against the Sun.

Why was he witness of this phenomenom through his naked eye?

As he says from his trembling own voice: "Please. Somebody explain this to me"

2- Misterious Antimatter Found in the Milky Way:

Source: Tudor Vieru:

Scientists at the Clemson University have been recently awarded $244,000 in order to continue studying data from various ground- and space-based telescopes, which supply an almost uninterrupted feed of a very weird emission coming from the center of our galaxy. NASA asked the astrophysicists at Clemson to try to establish what the source of the antimatter emissions was, and how come it was visible from the Earth, when all theories said that it shouldn't be.

Gamma rays, the main emissions that have been recently recorded, are formed by an energy approximately one thousand times more powerful than X-rays, and represent only the visible light portion of that energy. They are triggered by antimatter and matter coming together, usually in the central portions of galaxies. In the Milky Way, they originate from the formation's central regions, located somewhere in the Southern hemisphere.

“We're not surprised to see this emission from the Milky Way's disk. We know that massive stars explode as supernovae there, fusing new elements from lighter ones. Such explosions long ago made the oxygen and iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones, along with most other heavy elements,” Mark Leising, an astronomy professor at the Clemson University and also the main investigator of the new study, says.

“Some of these elements are radioactive and produce antimatter positrons when they decay. What is surprising is how bright this emission is from the center of the galaxy. It is not coming just from the very center, where a black hole lurks that is two million times the Sun's mass, but from a region a few thousand light-years across surrounding the center,” the scientist adds.

A picture of our galaxy's core, the Milky Way

In addition to answering NASA's questions, the new research that is due to begin soon and bound to combine data from numerous American and European observatories might also generate some spin-off benefits, as Leising believes. “Development of these detectors and analysis techniques
aided in the development of PET (positron emission tomography) scanners, in which patients ingest radioactive elements that decay and emit antimatter. We are doing much the same thing, except that we have to sit back 25,000 light years to measure the gamma rays,” he concludes.

As explained, we can be being witnesses of a an Electromagnetic Phenomenon without precedents seen from Earth before.

3- The Mayan Prophecy

With no further comment about this Mayan thing, I leave this thoughs from Robertino Solarion. A well versed man in worldwide floklore an ancient mithology.

Robertino Solarion

...come back to our Solar System. Wont better be that we are moving towards "IT"?

MAYA - The Black Road To The Sacred Tree MAYA - The Black Road To The Sacred Tree F. Ana Sztajnworc C

Thus, it is of my best joy writting this blog under the Mayan Prophecy key. I wish somebody could give me solutions for these too many questions. This is why the mood of this Blog is open wide, so I please invite everybody interested in posting their coments about this issue to do it here.

Share your own experience and try to rationalizate you testimonials. Dont just think you are wrong because somebody convinced you that you are actually wrong. Nor until you get satisfied with an answer that fits what you have seen on the sky and never accept a Non-Proof as Proof. Take every angle and explanation to approach the cause of this phenomenon and just take your own conclusions and decisions. There´s many material for research over the internet, but your best place is "Out There" hanging a camera and hunting "IT". Ask people that you might think could be able to fill you in, dont be afraid. Whoever you are, there´s almost granted there´s somebody smarter than you in a given matter out there somewhere. Ask!, Ask! People dont bite (well, mostly) if approached rightgeously.

If it is "nothing" at the end of the day... well let´s enjoy and celebrate it having an evening at the cinema watching "2012". As critics say: -"The worst humor movie ever"-
I agree. Hollywood is always that pompous. Dont take a truth out of here! It is passing time! IS NOT based in real facts. It is as speculative as what you are reading now.

Just because of this, I have choosen the path of Love.

Just because maybe the time left is short.

Peace&Love for you all.
Cimi Uuk
Nice approach to the possible forecoming events.

This guy was one who decided bringing joy to his life. At the end of time... who cares?

"Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love."

Martin Luther King
Cimi Uuk
What is actually going on here? Why? How exactly?

Does this link to the Sun Spots Activity anyhow?

Have you any got a proper answer for this? It will be mostly welcome.
Cimi Uuk
Impressive testimonial laying heavy reasons to wake you up. Waky, waky!

This guy is speaks up his mind from Spain. I´ll try to translate it in the coming days.

Cimi Uuk
No comment. Just watch and enjoy (If you are able to find joy here):

From Chicago: