Cimi Uuk
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  1. Kukulkan Says:

    Maybe it will be interesting for you due to fact that 2 from these 3 things are only locally known in Poland

    1. Boriska, Russian wonder boy ("boy from Mars"), said that will be two cathastrophes connected with water, minor in 2009 and major in 2013.

    2. There was a great clairvoyancer and visioner in Polish town Klodzko - Filip Fiediuk, called by all simply Filipek. According to one famous prophecy of Filipek, Klodzko will be hit by huge flood when three numbers of 7 meet together. Prophecy was fullfilled at 07.07.1997 when great flood on river Odra began. This flood was named later "the flood of 1000 years". But according to second part of this prophecy, when three numbers of 9 meet together, there will be even more huge flood, real deluge. Filipek later said to some of his neigbours, that it wil be exactly 09.09.2009 and due to large masses of water from Baltic which enter Vistula and Odra rivers and start reverse flow of water even to mountainous regions of Poland and flood in result.
    02.02.1992 - Filipek dies
    07.07.1997 - first part of prophecy fullfilled, "1000 years flood" in Poland
    09.09.2009 - ?
    Many people in northern Poland dreams about tsunamis of 30-70 m height or very rapide rise of sea level...

    3. One poster on local Polish forum which had his own visions of various events, had once a vision when he saw large city, most probably New York and about 60 m heigh wall of water. During this vision he heard only this words: "9-th September, 9-th September".